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The Problem

The Hirestreet project was one given at the beginning of third year university. In this case, the brief was set to come up with a revamped Hirestreet brand as well as to create a Christmas campaign for them.

Hirestreet are a fashion rental brand reducing the need for fast fashion, by renting items specifically from them, you can access better quality clothing which you may otherwise not be able to afford for a reasonable cost based on how long you rent the item for.

The Solution

For my project, I created a new logo for them and wanted to focus on the Hirestreet baby approach, something they have not delved into. The idea behind this is babies grow so quickly so purchasing a Christmas clothing item for them before Christmas can be a hassle, especially new born as how do you know they will fit in it when the time comes. Parents in this case can purchase items from Hirestreet to rent and return soon after.

The idea of the baby fashion even goes as far as matching outfits for both babies and mothers. The idea for this came from my wife purchasing matching headbands for my new born and herself. If she is willing to go as far for this then there must be a market which wants matching outfits for the Christmas season. Hirestreet is perfect for this.

Below are some of the proposed items I’ve came up with for Hirestreet from the postal box with the Christmas pattern on the outside and the Christmassy packaging within to the tags on each of the item with gold leaf. This gold leaf gives the items a quality feel especially being on the Kraft card.

The website also takes inspiration from this theme by including the rugged strokes across the website subtly in the background as well as the gold within the simple stroke line work.